FNSB Community, did we get them right?

Thank you for attending the May 17 and 19 Open Houses in North Pole and Fairbanks

Draft FNSB Corridor Maps are READY FOR YOUR REVIEW

The Deadline for Comments is Sunday, 6/26/22

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As of 5-13-22

Get oriented!

View this Quadrant Cheat Sheet before diving into the individual maps.

Evaluation criteria

Check out the Evaluation Criteria used to select preliminary corridors. NOTE: The criteria and evaluation process consider all community input and technical information gathered to date

Community input and outreach includes:

  • Over 800 comments from the community and other stakeholders collected through an online comment map and survey during the summer and fall of 2021.
  • Community open houses in July 2021, a booth at the 2021 Alaska State Fair, local news coverage 2021 and 2022, social media posts and Facebook events, two e-newsletters, and two postcard mailouts to residents, including a recent direct mail to over 3,000 property owners who are potentially impacted by draft road corridors on and/or adjacent to their property.
  • Interviews and approximately seven meetings with the project advisory Steering Committee comprised of FNSB residents, Road Service Area Commissioners, transportation experts, developers, surveyors, engineers, and public agency representatives, all of whom are helping to guide the process.
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Road corridors in the plan will only be dedicated on private property at the time that landowners subdivide. The subdivision process allows for some flexibility in road alignment and design if the alternative corridor achieves the same goals as the connection identified in the plan. The Road Plan is intended to encourage and support the FNSB and developers working together to develop a road system that protects the health, safety, and well-being of the community.

How to comment

Please be specific

Things to keep in mind as you write your comment:

  • Please be specific. That will help the project team better understand and address your feedback. 
  • What corridor(s) are you commenting on? Use the corridor numbers from the quadrant maps.
  • Like or support a corridor? Let us know why.
  • Dislike or don’t support a corridor? Let us know why.


Submit your comments by June 26, 2022!

What happens next?

June/July 2022

  • June 26, 2022 – This is the deadline for comments on draft corridor maps – the same maps shared at the May 17 and 19 community open houses. 
  • The project team will use community/stakeholder input on the draft corridor maps to develop the Public Review Draft of the FNSB Comprehensive Roads Plan.

July/August 2022

  • The Steering Committee will review the Public Review Draft before public release.
  • FNSB will release the Public Review Draft for a minimum 30-day comment period. 

August 2022

  • The Steering Committee will review community feedback and recommended revisions to the draft.

The project team will revise and finalize the draft

  • Fall 2022 – The final draft will go through the FNSB adoption process with the FNSB Planning Commission and Assembly.   
View this helpful handout!

View this helpful handout that describes the Project Purpose, Schedule, What the Plan Does/Does Not Do,
How the Plan is Implemented, 1991 Plan Progress, and Project Team Contact Information.  


To evaluate and update the 1991 Comprehensive Roads Plan in order to improve the current and future road network by creating appropriate and strategic road corridors and access points across the borough.

This process aims to:​

Bring together and build from the knowledge of residents, community leaders, transportation experts, and the private sector.

Understand how the borough has and is projected to grow and change, and related challenges and opportunities for a future roads network.

Take advantage of new and improved data on things like permafrost, wetlands, and other topographical features.

Share and document examples of successes and lesson learned from the 1991 Plan and related roads policies.

Download and share the project flyer:


About the Plan

The plan DOES...
The plan DOES NOT...

What has and has not been accomplished from the 1991 Plan?

Review of the 1991 Plan

CLICK HERE to see How Lines on a Map Become Roads in Steele Creek.

Who is leading and guiding the process?

Project Team


The Fairbanks North Star Borough is leading the process with assistance from Fairbanks and Anchorage-based contractors, PDC Engineers (lead contractor, mapping and technical expert) and Agnew::Beck Consulting (public involvement lead).

Advisory Steering Committee

An Advisory Steering Committee comprised of residents, Road Service Area Commissioners, transportation experts, developers, surveyors, engineers and public agency representatives are helping to guide the process.


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Launch & Discover

Convene Steering Committee.
Conduct initial research.


Learn & Listen

Invite public input.
Compile and analyze data.
Develop vision and goals.
Prepare maps.


Draft & Review

Gather community input on vision, goals, strategies, and maps.
Develop draft plan.

FALL 2022

Finalize & Adopt

Adopt plan.

Contact Us

Brittany Smart

Co-Project Manager
FNSB Office of the Mayor

Kellen Spillman

Co-Project Manager
FNSB Community Planning Department

Shelly Wade, AICP

Public Involvement Lead
Agnew:::Beck Consulting